Lab Personnel


Principal Investigator

Dr. Josh Udall Dr. Josh Udall,Associate Professor of Plant and Wildlife Sciences
Faculty profile
Dr. Udall began working on cotton at Iowa State as a postdoc and have continued working on the cotton genome at BYU. He began at BYU in 2006 as an assistant professor in the Plant and Animal Science Department. We currently have several projects in the lab, as others can see from the student projects described on this page. Currently, root RNA-seq of diverse accessions, BioNano of the cotton tribe, and genome resequencing of selected accessions are the large projects in the lab.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Lindsay Chaney Lindsay Chaney, PhD
Lindsay is interested in the evolution of plants and understanding how plants are able to adapt. She received her PhD from the University of Cincinnati where her dissertation utilized quantitative genetics to look at the evolutionary potential of weeds using the agricultural weed, the common morning glory, as a model. Her research as a post-doc will have two major areas of focus: one is looking at structural variation in the cotton genome and the other is looking at adaptive genetics in sagebrush.

Daojun Yuan, PhD
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Daojun is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the Udall lab at Brigham Young University from April 2015. He received double B.S. degree of Agronomy and Computer Science in 2002, Master degree of Science in 2005 and Ph.D. of Crop Genetics and Breeding in 2014 from Huazhong Agricultural University (Wuhan, China). His Ph.D. dissertation focused on cotton genome evolution and bioinformatics. Currently he is working on cotton comparative genomics using transcriptome sequence, cotton whole genome resequencing and optical mapping data.

Graduate Students

Aaron Sharp Aaron Sharp, MS Candidate in Plant and Wildlife Sciences
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Aaron is a Master's degree candidate expected to graduate in 2016. He received a Bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics in 2014. He spends most of his days extracting DNA from reticent cotton leaves, developing code for more efficient genome map and sequence assembly, and reading scientific papers. In his free time, he likes to think about extracting DNA from reticent cotton leaves, developing code for more efficient genome map and sequence assembly, and writing scientific papers. Aaron prefers to include the Oxford comma, and put two spaces at the beginning of a sentence.
  Mengqiao Pan, visiting PhD student
Mengqiao joined the Udall lab as a joint PhD student in November 2015. He recived his Bachelor degree of Agronomy in 2012 from Huazhong Agriculture University (Wuhan, China). He started as a Ms-PhD student in Nanjing Agriculture University (Nanjing,China) in 2012 and will be studying the genetic diversity of cotton at Brigham Young University as part of his PhD program. He is interested in the cotton genome evolution and bioinformatics.

Undergraduate Students

Chris Hanson Chris Hanson
Chris is a senior majoring in Genetics and Biotechnology. After graduation he is interested inbeing researcher or a forensic scientist. He started working in the lab in March of 2014. He is currently working on the sample prep for the BioNano project where we are creating a physical map of numerous different cotton species.
Alex Freeman Alex Freeman
Alex is a senior majoring in Molecular Biology. When he graduates he wants to go to medical school and is currently thinking of specializing in cardiology. His work in the Udall lab is creating cDNA libraries from a variety of cotton plants known as "Texas". This process involves growing the cotton plants, harvesting newly sprouted root material and extracting mRNA from those roots. Another procedure called the mRNA-Seq protocol is used to prepare the mRNA to be sequenced by isolating the mRNA, creating DNA from that RNA, then fragmenting andamplifyingthe DNA in segments that are small enough to be sequenced.

Carrie Evans
Carrie is a junior majoring in Plant Genetics. She is working on the bionano project with cotton and also with Drosophila.
David Amorin
David is a senior majoring in both the plant and bio-business tracks of the Genetics and Biotechnology major. He is also vice-president of the BYU Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Club. He has been in the lab since October of 2014 and is currently assisting in multiple projects in the Udall lab.
Spencer Hunt
Spencer is a Junior majoring in Genetics and Biotechnology. He has been working in the Udall lab since Spring of 2015. He currently assists on whatever project needs assistance.
Susan Dudley
Susan is a Senior and has been working in the lab since August 2015. She has been working with the BioNano project with the cotton genome.

Sara Greenfield
Sara is a junior majoring in genetics and biotechnology and has been working in the Udall Lab since January 2015. Upon graduation, she wants to go to grad school in genetics research or get a degree in pharmacy. Currently, Sara is involved in a number of projects in the lab, including looking at how structural variance causes expression bias between the two genomes in allopolyploid cotton plants.
  Megan Crosby
Megan started in the Udall lab fall 2015

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Justin Page (2015), PhD Webpage
Mark Huynh (2015), MS
Aditi Rambani (2010 - 2012), MS
Prabin Bajgain (2009 - 2011), MS
Robert Byers (2009 - 2011), MS
Jason Morales (2007 - 2009), MS
Rozaura Vivas Hall (2007 - 2009), MS

Undergraduate Students

Zach Liechty (2009-2015)
Rich Alexander (2013-2015
Audrey Kunkel (2013-2015)
Alicia Boyd (2015)
Kimberly Clemons
Justin Lillywhite
Jared Rhodes (2013)
Ella Wyllie (2011-2013)
David Harker (2009-2012)
Rachael Caldwell (2010 - 2012)
Kris Berret (2010 - 2012)
Evan Monson (2011-2012)
Elizabeth Svedin (2010-2011)
Scott Yourstone (2009-2011)
Martin Buchovich (2008-2009)
Dan Stadage (2010)
Micheal Salmans (2008)
Nathaniel Gustafson (2008)
Shaun Broderic (2009)
Jonathan Shortt (2008-2009)